[CO2槍] Tippmann vs Polarstar HPA M4 加州實戰對比

Tippmann vs Polarstar HPA M4 加州實戰對比

Hello大家好 我們是Black-Arc Airsoft Team. 今天想向大家展示Tippmann和Polarstar的實戰性能對比
VIDEO TITLE 02 by Peng Yixiong, on Flickr

建筑师之战 第二部 对攻

tippmann block 2 by Peng Yixiong, on Flickr

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Hey thanks for checking out our video! Yea we definitely spend more money then we probably should on this hobby..And no offense taken! I think the airsoft culture in Taiwan/HK is much different than it is here. Most airsofters in North America grew up playing paintball and so all the fields and players are used to filling and carrying around these hpa or co2 tanks. And like I've read in other pages, airsofters in Asia had the history of carrying around tanks when airsoft first started, but that wasn't a thing at all over here, so we don't see going to hpa as a step backwards.I definitely agree that aegs can be setup to perform or even outperform our hpa guns.

However in the tippmann case, the kick you get from either tm nextgen or kwa erg (both of which players in our group owned) is not comparable at all to the tippmann. A gbb is definitely more satisfying and realistic to use, but in SoCal where it's speedsoft central, having an aeg mag let's us put down more firepower to stop those rushes. Of course I'm sure there are people with gbbrs that fare well in SoCal... but we just aren't that pro lol.

Now as for the polarstar. About 30-40% of the players here will run some type of electro pneumatic engine. (Wolverine, polarstar, valken etc) at some fields that ratio is more like 70%. Like I previously mentioned about the paintball culture, people here are more accustomed to torturing ourselves with the hpa tanks... also the weather here is much friendlier. (I can't even imagine playing airsoft in Taiwan's summer, let alone carrying another tank)

But another reason why we use hpa engines is just our personal preference and experiences. Having owned multiple aegs, our polarstars just always works. It not only works but it is always a strong performer with our very limited tech skills. So to us, carrying that tank around is worth it to save us headaches from teching the gearbox and wondering when the 11.1 battery is going to break something.
Well that was probably more info than you wanted to read, but hopefully this helps provide a better perspective to our scene! Thanks again for your views and comments.


谢谢各位观看我们的视频,我们确实花了不少的钱和心血在这个小爱好里面。首先我们没有觉得被冒犯,根据我所了解台湾和香港的Airsoft文化和美国这里非常不一样。大部分北美的airsoft玩家是从小先开始玩彩弹枪,并且所有的场地都提供给HPA或者CO2气瓶的充气站。我也看了了其他的网页和历史, 在亚洲airsoft刚起步的时也是背着气瓶开始的,但是在北美並沒有這段歷史。所以在這裡用hpa不會感覺是在退步,我非常同意电枪可以升级成为与hpa拥有相同或者更高的射击效率。

但是拿Tippmann来讲,TM next Gen 和 KWA ERG的后座力是无法与之比拟的。当然瓦斯枪更贴近真枪,但是南加州作为Speedairsoft的中心,可以用电枪的大容量弹夹让我们更好的压制对方。当然我也相信用瓦斯枪的玩家也可以很开心的在南加州体验,只是我们没有那么专业。

说回Polarstar,有大约30%~40%的玩家会用类似的系统 (Wolverine, polarstar, valken等),有些场地甚至高于70%的玩家在使用。我之前所讲的彩弹枪文化,这里的人更喜欢背着气瓶折磨自己。并且天气不同于台湾,这里更加舒适。(我无法想象在台湾的夏天玩airsoft还要背着个气瓶。。。)




Expensive is true, but maintenance is very easy for sure.
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The major issue is that HPA system are too expensive to run and maintenance is so hard. The price I heard is around 10K HKD