分享個人的重車保養翻新實作 圖多

分享個人的重車保養翻新實作 圖多



This is my beloved CBR600F4i. Mfg in 2002 but registered in 2003, not sure if that counts a 2003. Bought in almost brand new with as little as 600 miles on it. Previous owner is NOT a real biker obviously but he did put some goodies for the look. I dreamed about this bike when I was 16, while I had my first Honda NSR150 in high school. Finally the dream came true when I was 26. Went all the way to New York with a tow trailer and brought it back to Boston.


I laid down once in Boston in a cold winter day when I was ready to take it in for winter storage. The rear wheel skid real fast and the bike falls and spins on the ground like on a race track. Speed was slower than 10mph. The Internet says it is a common problem for the fairing to break like this if the stock turning light is not removed. When bike is down the light will be in contact with the dirt and force the plastic in to cause a crack.
It wasn't this bad but I left it like this for several years. With lots vibration on routine riding. the crack got a lot bigger.
在某個快下雪的天氣裡,在停車場用10英哩的速度摔車,留下了一些刮痕。當時並沒有想到說半熱溶胎在寒冷的天氣裡會幾乎毫無抓地力。 後來網上查到許多車主建議把這類型的方向燈換掉,原因是因為車子倒地時會把整流罩向內擠壓造成大片裂痕。 原本的損傷只有一點點,但是經過幾年的行駛間震動裂痕已經大到有可能脫落的程度。所以這是今天的重點維修項目。

The crack on the other side. It tells me the whole thing will come off soon if I don't do anything about it now.

The accident also caused a big scratch on this part. I found a frame slider to cover it and left it unseen for years. An effective way to ignore something you don't wanna see.
這是同時造成的刮傷,後來買了一個轉倒球(Frame Slider)裝在這個位置遮醜。

The other scratch was relatively minor and probably a replacement factory decal will fix the problem. However, an OEM decal set costs about $200 on eBay. I had to seek alternatives.

That's another minor scratch. Could buff right off with rubbing wax. (粗蠟 in Taiwanese)

The aluminum engine case is ugly scratched as well. This can be done with some filing and a quick paint job.

A scratch on the swing arm, too.

The other one. 這個部分也是。

A little cosmetic damage on the other side of plastic. 其他小刮傷。

Same here. 刮破了貼紙。

The air intake is all black and nothing fancy. Gonna do a little mod on it.

A scratch covered by a sticker. Didn't look too good. Gonna take it off.

This is what happens when a stupid guy forgot to take off the brake disk lock before riding. Good thing it didn't cause too much damage, except I paid a rip-off price of $369 for a stock brake disk and replaced it myself.

My Arai Doohan helmet. That guy was a legend. Although wearing his helmet didn't make me same skilled like him. It does catch some eyeball all the time. Now I have 2 parts missing. Visor lock was receive by Arai USA free of charge. But the air duct piece was no longer in production. I even wrote to Japan w/ my lousy Japanese and have not yet got an reply.

Now get down to the engine case with my mini high speed drill. This thing is super handy and I suggest every smart boy should get one. For this job I used a grinder stone for quick filing and a #80 sand paper for the finish.

The semi-finish before paint. Next job is wet sand with a #400 sand paper for a better grip of new paint. In order to eliminate any oily grease, rubbing with some alcohol is a must.

Now cover up the surrounding area. 周圍蓋好開始噴漆。

In the mean time let's lift up the gas tank and work on the air filter. Note that I covered carburetors with paper towels to prevent dusts coming in directly to the engine.

I used high temperature paint for BBQ grill since this the the compartment of engine oil that gets real hot after 10 minutes of riding. A primer is always recommended but in this case I couldn't find any high heat primer so I had accept the imperfection. 噴好的結果。用的是BBQ烤爐專用的耐高溫噴漆。沒上底漆是因為我找不到耐高溫的底漆而作罷。

The spark plugs on modern bikes are always hard to reach. It took me any hour to get those off. The biggest problem is that I have big palms and they are sitting too deep inside. Finally I put a magnet inside the socket and get it out. 火星塞很不好取下,因為放置的太深。最後是鬆開後用套筒+強力磁鐵吸出。 表面顏色和積碳情形可以作為日後保養的參考。表面有很厚的咖啡色積碳,相當不好處理。這是行駛約12000英哩的結果。

Note the way I hold the spark plug with my finger. This keeps a permanent record for me as future reference. Number of my fingers means which cylinder. The spark plug will tell the problem by reading it color and accumulations. 用兩根指頭來表示這是二號汽缸取下的火星塞。

That means cylinder number 3. 三根指頭表示三號。

Number 4 is dusty. By reading their difference I know that a valve synchronization job is gonna be needed soon. The official service manual recommends a job done at 16,000 miles. Mine is 12,000 now.

No soak the spark plugs in the kerosene. Kerosene is a great cleaner for engine grease. It dissolves oil stain everywhere and, the best of part of it, it won't damage anything. Purely safe except it's extremely flammable, obviously. 泡在煤油裡面讓積碳慢慢溶解。煤油很安全不會傷害任何東西,只要小心他極度易燃。

After soaking them for 10 minutes, use a steel brush to brush off the brown-ish accumulations. Be care not to touch the center ignition pin. If it is covered by brown stuff, replace it with no hesitate.

I used a rubber hammer to hammer down the bridge and gave a better adjusted gap. The factory reading is < 1mm. I don't have a proper feeler handy so I picked up a paper clip with the same diameter and did the job just fine.
間隙也必須調整,原廠建議是必須幾乎正好1mm 但小於1mm,由於沒有測量工具我找了一根線徑1mm的迴紋針代替。


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This is how clean they are. I put them back and the idol speed went up about 300rpm and the throttle feels a lot more smooth. Can't wait to do a road test. 這是四個火星塞清潔完畢的樣子,一裝上車怠速就提高了300rpm,油門反應也大幅改善,表示清潔工作相當有用。

Now put the baby on the stands and clean the chassis and wheels with kerosene and soap water.

Aluminum mesh wires for $10 from Home Depot. Guess what's this for? 鋁合金網子,要做什麼用呢?

The mini heat glue gun, purchased in Taiwan for like $3. Here I picked up a similar one in a hardware store in California and cost me $10 plus another $10 for the glue stick cartridges. And the glue got stuck inside itself and went dead in like 10 minutes of use. 出動熱溶膠槍。

The mesh wiring air intake. Does this remind you of Suzuka 8 Hour Race in Japan?

The other hole to be covered. 內部是用熱溶膠固定,主要原因是這樣將來想移除時可以不留痕跡。

Cut them into shapes and attach them to the fairing with heat glue gun. This will give me the classic look I like.

Applied some Tamiya paint for touch up only. My putty sucks otherwise I would have used it here.

The fiberglass repair kit is the main character in this project. In the 80s and early 90s, all racing bikes were using fiberglass for replacement of plastic given its strength and flexibility. Modern days they use carbon fiber for sure.. Might as well be my next project.. 玻璃纖維維修包,可以修補很多東西例如說船跟浴缸。80跟90年代多數賽車都是用玻璃纖維製作整流罩,當然現代已經都換成碳纖了。

Tamiya Putty for models. I bought it long time ago and was total wrong about this product. I used a clay type of Tamiya putty to fix a laptop faceplate before and gained a lot of confidence with their product. Now this one really disappoints me. I didn't even want to take picture of the finished job. It sticks everywhere and almost impossible to shape before dried. When I sand it, the whole thing peels off! Wasted me a good few hours.

Inside the box comes with a fiberglass cloth, a developer resin, hardener, and a application stick. Pour only a few resin in a cup and ONLY 1-2 drops of hardener. Mix well and soak the pre-cut fiberglass before applying to the desired spot. The fiberglass piece must be fully absorb with resin and become CLEAR color like rice noodle. Apply with care, every stain to the unwanted area is permanent. The resin is some kind of epoxy and very hard to remove without damage its surrounding. Once it's on the paint it's as bad as a scratch.


Fiberglass reinforced ABS plastic fairings from inside.
Doesn't look great, but imagine its strength. Same material is used in your bath tub.

My experience tells me this is an easy to break part. Apply fiberglass for reinforcement.

A closer look. Note that I had to sand off the paint and let the black plastic revealed before application. That way it just simply grabs better. 這部份處理前我有先把表面的漆磨掉,這樣一來玻璃纖維的附著力會更好。

This is the first part to break in an accident. It's the center of weight when a bike lays down. Here I put on a lot of fiberglass. 這個部位承受衝擊最大,當然要好好的補強。

Parts sticks out like this are also easy to break. 凸起的部件也是要未雨稠繆。

Same here.

Lastly, use the bug cleaner to clean the parts. Spray a thin bubble coat and let it stay for 1 minute or so before wiping. Bugs, tars, dusts, colorized stains just come right off. Use a good ventilation because this thing stinks. Wash it off with soap water after using it. The residual has minor negative effect to the paint.

I added a round mirror to eliminate blind spot. This is a must use for every biker. 後照鏡我加上了一塊小原鏡,因為重機駕駛時的姿勢移動大,很多角度不好看到後方來車,加上這個鏡子會比轉頭尋找後車要方便的多。

Putting everything back up is a pain in the ass, too. The most difficult part is to make the wiring go around without interference with correct positions of fairings. If one piece doesn't stay right, the whole thing can't bolt on.

Now the chain is cleaned and look new. 鏈條也用煤油跟牙刷做了去污。再噴上不沾塵的透明潤滑油,整個閃閃發亮。

The scratch on the swing arm were painted and not noticeable now. 搖臂上的刮痕用黑色田宮漆補過,不仔細找根本看不出來。

I put all the screws in a bag and spray a lot of WD-40 for cleaning and anti-rust. It's also a great cleaner and protection for metal parts. The turn off is that it does minor damage to plastic and rubber. Definately not for use on drive chain. Those oil sealant can be easily killed by WD-40. 我的習慣是螺絲裝回前都會先噴一些WD-40做防繡。用袋子裝好可以噴的比較均勻也省WD-40。注意不可用在橡膠製品或是油封鏈條上,會咬塑膠。

A common cleaner/protector for car interior. Also great for motorcycles on plastic parts for shininess and UV protection. It minimize aging pretty well. My 8 year old bike still as new as a one year old.

Here's a before and after. 使用前和使用後。 油亮的那邊是使用後的。用肉眼看更是明顯。

These plastic push-in screws are very easy to lose. They're designed to come off first in the event of accident to prevent further damage. I lose one of them so I pulled one from my Toyota car and found that it's not only almost the same size, it's even stronger. 原廠的塑膠螺絲非常容易遺失因為扣的不緊(上),這裡我找了Toyota後行李箱裡面挖出來的塑膠螺絲,尺寸剛剛好而且緊一百倍。

Bought mini tire plug gauge from Walmart. Only $5 bucks. It tells you if your tire pressure is within specs.
介紹這個有趣的東西是氣嘴蓋胎壓計。 若胎壓不足的話,中間綠色活塞便會沈下。我的後輪應該用42psi但是我只能找到36的,聊勝於無。省的常常在量胎壓。

It's a little bigger than stock one. Hope it does not affect the wheel balance.

Here's the baby finished. Everything's fixed and now she's happy. 到這裡差不多處理完畢,方向燈也換上了LED形式的扁平燈,焊接花了不少功夫,還自己買了電阻加上不然方向燈會閃的太快,過程忘了拍照也就算了。

My philosophy is that if you treat your bike well, she will treat you well back. Every time on road we have our lives depending on her. 敝人一向認為,如果你好好對待車子,車子也一樣會好好對待你。畢竟上路後我們得把生命交給他。

The front look. Now the ugly stock turning lights are gone and replaced with tiny aftermarket LED lights.
Mission accomplished. Thanks for watching. 正前方來一張,這時已經看不到突出的方向燈。整個俐落很多。


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真的很厲害~ 小弟雖然也在騎車不過在對車如何保養以及照顧方面仍然缺乏很多資訊 能是菜鳥一隻 = =  雖然前輩也住美國不過我住的算是"離島"地區  哈哈  不能跟前輩交流請教 真是恨啊!!